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Woman sues Walmart after falling on wet floor

When a person enters a store in Essex County, they likely aren’t too worried about getting hurt. After all, it is the responsibility of the store owner to ensure that his or her customers are safe and that his or her premises are free from any danger. When they’re not, serious injuries can occur, and the store owner may very well be held accountable for those injuries.

A woman in Clarksburg, West Virginia believes that a major big box store should be held accountable for the injuries she suffered while shopping there. The woman says that in 2011, as she was walking down an aisle in Walmart, she tripped and fell due to a clear liquid on the floor. She suffered serious injuries and filed a premises liability lawsuit against Walmart, stating that the store was negligent.

It is not yet known how much the woman is suing for, although Walmart claims that it appears to be over $75,000, the amount at which cases can be removed to U.S District Court. For this reason, the store wanted the case heard in the district court.

Because of the negligence of the store’s owner and employee that worked there, the woman had to be subjected to pain and suffering that could have been avoided. She did the right thing by hiring a lawyer to protect her interests and represent her in the courtroom. Hopefully she will be able to receive the proper compensation she deserves for her injuries and medical bills.

Source: The West Virginia record, “Clarksburg woman files slip-and-fall against Walmart,” Beth Henry-Vance, Sep. 2, 2013


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