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Woman sues restaurant after falling on its slippery floor

Those businesses operating in Essex that expect customers to visit their locations are themselves expected to provide a safe environment for those customers. While it’s understood that things such as a split glass of water at a restaurant or clothing items falling to the floor at retail store will happen during the course of a day, it’s expected that those things will be immediately attended to so as to guarantee the safety of the patrons. If and when such issues go unaddressed and later cause an accident that results in an injury, employees and business owners alike may be subject to accusations of negligence.

Such is the claim being made by an Illinois woman who was involved in a slip and fall accident at a local restaurant. She claims that the store failed to clean up a spill, creating a wet floor on which she later slipped an injured herself. She has since filed a lawsuit claiming that by failing to promptly address the spill, the restaurant and its employees failed to provide a safe environment for her and other restaurant patrons.

A common response upon of hearing of this woman’s accident may that accidents happen and that the restaurant owners and its staff would never want to see any harm come to any of their customers. Yet by inviting guests onto their premises, businesses such as these assume the responsibility of ensuring that conditions are safe. Those who feel as though a business failed in meeting that responsibility may choose to seek compensation for any injuries sustained should they have an accident. A personal injury lawyer may of great assistance to those seeking such compensation.

Source: Madison County Record “Cheddar’s named in slip and fall suit” July 30, 2014


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