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Woman sues Home Depot after slipping on puddle

When a person gets hurt as a result of the negligence of another in Massachusetts, it is typically general knowledge that he may be entitled to compensation for his pain and suffering and medical expenses. What may not be so commonly known is that a person may also receive compensation for the time he had to take off work in order to receive treatment and heal. This helps those who are not earning an income while they are recovering to continue to sustain their livelihood.

A woman is suing for lost wages after she says she was unable to work while being treated for injuries she sustained outside a Home Depot store in Philadelphia. She claims the accident could have been avoided all together had the store taken the proper steps to remedy the situation. She is suing for over $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

The woman was making her way to the entrance of the Home Depot after her husband had dropped her off in the parking lot. It had been raining heavily that day and a large puddle of water had formed outside the entrance. The woman fell to the ground after slipping on the water. She suffered a herniated disc and fractured sacrum which required extensive treatment and testing.

This appears to be a case of negligence on the part of the store which left a potential for all their customers to be injured on the slippery surface while entering the store. Hopefully the woman’s lawsuit will enable her to receive proper compensation.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Customer who sustained fractured sacrum, herniated disc during fall on wet floor sues Home Depot,” Jon Campisi, April 28, 2014


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