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Why wear a motorcycle helmet?

Haverhill residents who are also motorcyclists know just how little protection their bikes would provide them should they get into an accident. Most may be willing to accept this fact in order to enjoy the thrill that comes from riding their motorcycles. Plus, the lack of protection that their bikes provide may be made up for by wearing the appropriate safety gear while riding. Information compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and shared by estimates that over a twelve year study period, motorcycle helmets saved 7,940 riders from death or catastrophic injuries. It goes on to say that had all riders across the country worn helmets during this same time frame, that number would have doubled.

Yet even in the face of these statistics, some question the need for motorcycle helmets. There are those who claim that they’re uncomfortable, that they limit their peripheral vision, or even that the increased strain that they put on the neck actually increases a rider’s risk of injuries should they get into a motorcycle accident. The common answer to that is that over time, one becomes accustomed to riding with a helmet, thus avoiding the aforementioned inconveniences. In the end, the added safety may just prove to be worth putting up with not being able to feel the wind blowing through one’s hair.

Many states make the argument of whether or not to wear a motorcycle helmet moot anyway by enacting universal helmet laws. These laws require that motorcycle riders and their passengers wear a helmet at all times, regardless of the circumstances. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Massachusetts is one of those states, having followed universal helmet laws since 1967.


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