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What to do in the case of a large truck accident

Some people have a fear of sharing with road with large trucks. This may be because the size and weight of large trucks make any accident involving one potentially lethal. If you or your loved ones have sustained injuries in a truck accident, we at Finbury & Sullivan understand that you want the responsible parties to be held accountable.

Fortunately, big rigs are held to very strict inspection standards. This is because manufacturers and employers are aware of the amount of damage they might do to other cars on the road if there is a malfunction or an accident. Many different logs are kept on file, such as maintenance logs and driver logs. These logs can be inspected after your accident and examined for possible clues as to why the collision occurred. It may also help determine which party was responsible for the accident. Different causes can include negligent driving on the part of the truck driver, poor management or maintenance of the vehicle, or even manufacturing errors.

Chances are that you may find yourself needing some financial support after getting into a truck accident. This is especially true if you have needed to take medical leave. Not only can medical treatment be expensive, but you may also have to take time off of work to aid in your recovery. Because of that, you may consider it important to take your case to court. This way, you will be able to collect the damages and reach a settlement with the responsible party.

Getting back on your feet after your accident can be a lengthy and draining process. By giving yourself as much padding and room for recovery as possible, you may find yourself struggling a little less.


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