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What should you do after a hit-and-run accident?

Dealing with the aftermath of a hit-and-run can be traumatic and confusing, especially if you have been seriously injured. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are becoming increasingly common across the U.S. According to USA Today, fatal hit-and-run accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians, have risen by nearly 14 percent in the past few years. Meanwhile, overall traffic fatalities have been decreasing in comparison.

The following are some important steps you should take if you’re involved in a hit-and-run accident:

  • First, get help – Law enforcement should be involved in a hit-and-run accident, since this is a crime. Remain at the scene of the accident even if nobody is injured, as you will be needed to provide a statement on what happened.
  • Gather information – Get contact information from witnesses and ask them to provide statements. Take pictures of the accident scene and any injuries that resulted.
  • If possible, identify the hit-and-run driver – Give information such as the license plate number, the car’s make and model and the description of the driver to authorities.
  • Contact your insurance company to see if your coverage protects you in the event of a hit-and-run accident.

If you are seriously injured and hospitalized before the above actions can be taken, you may need to fill in the blanks later. It can greatly help to have friends or family help you gather the needed information, or to find out from authorities if you can review witness information after you’ve recovered.

This blog is designed to provide general information and should not to be taken as legal advice.

Source: FindLaw, “5 Things to Do When You’re a Hit-and-Run Victim,” Stephanie Rabiner, Esq., May 30, 2012


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