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Student sues college after being assaulted on campus

Studying, getting good grades, jobs and relationships are just a few of the things students who attend college in Massachusetts have to worry about. The last thing they should be concerned with is their safety while they are on campus. Yet for one college student who was attacked on campus at Villanova University in suburban Philadelphia, this became a very big concern, especially when his attacker was allowed to return to campus after a brief suspension.

The assault occurred on September 16, 2012 in an area of Villanova’s campus that was not lit properly and had no surveillance cameras or emergency call boxes. Luckily, the student had two friends that helped him get out of the headlock the other student put him in or perhaps his injuries could have been much more severe. As it was, he required hours of surgery to repair his nose and face and will need more surgeries in the future.

The student recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against the college in which he claims the school did not do enough to prevent the attack and even allowed the assailant to resume his scholarship status after a short suspension. He is seeking delay and compensatory damages along with attorney’s fees and interest.

This seems to be the case of the college dropping the ball when it comes to doing everything in its power to protect the safety of its students. Hopefully the student’s lawsuit will enable him to be properly compensated for his pain and suffering and medical expenses incurred as a result of this incident.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Student attacked on campus sues Villanova University for negligent supervision,” Jon Campisi, Mar. 31, 2014


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