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Settlement lien considerations

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in an automobile accident, you may consider pursuing personal-injury claims against the liable party in the incident. After all, accident victims often incur substantial financial losses and other damages as a result of their injuries. The attorneys at Finbury & Sullivan, P.C., appreciate how important it is for accident victims and their families to receive the compensation that they deserve. However, we are also committed to educating our clients about the claims process, and how personal injury awards can be affected by liens in some cases.

In the event that you pursue personal injury claims for injuries that you sustained in an automobile accident, you may reach a settlement with the defendant in the case or be awarded damages through litigation. In either case, your financial compensation could be subject to liens under several circumstances. For instance, your health insurance provider could seek reimbursement for the amount of money the company spent on your medical expenses.

Insurance companies impose such liens in cases where they cover medical bills that are later compensated for by defendants in personal injury cases. It is not uncommon for health insurance companies to file liens before personal-injury judgments are finalized, but there are also some instances where they do not pursue reimbursement until a settlement has already been dispersed.

Your personal injury settlement or award judgment could also be subject to liens if you have any outstanding debts to the Department of Revenue. Outstanding debts may include but are not limited to unpaid taxes, child support for public benefits. The insurance company liable for paying your personal injury settlement is obligated under the law to confirm with the Department of Revenue whether any outstanding debts exist, and pay those amounts first before compensating you directly.

Personal injury settlement and award guidelines can be complicated in some cases. Learn more about settlement liens by visiting our web page today.


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