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Restraining Orders

Filing Restraining Orders in Haverhill, Massachusetts

A restraining order is a court order that provides protection from an abuser of domestic violence. This 209A order, or abuse prevention order, is a civil court order that offers protection from force or threat of harm from another family or household member. A restraining order can be obtained against a present or former household member, a relative by blood or former relative by blood, a spouse/former spouse, the parent of a minor child, or a person involved in a dating relationship. A family lawyer in Haverhill, Massachusetts from Finbury & Sullivan, P.C. can represent those needing help from their abusers.

Obtaining Restraining Orders in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, obtaining a restraining order is issued in a family court with the help of a professional family law attorney. An emergency order can also be issued through a police department after court hours or on the weekend. An affidavit describing the facts of the incident of abuse is required to apply for a restraining order. Information about the abuser, such as their home and address, phone number, birthdate, and other identifying information is helpful too.

How Restraining Orders Work

A restraining order orders the abuser to have no contact with the victim, stop or refrain from abuse, and vacate or be away from the house or workplace. The abuser must also surrender all firearms to the court. Temporary support and/or custody of minor children may be awarded to the victim too. A family law attorney from our Massachusetts law firm can help you establish this necessary restraining order. We also can help you if any violation of this restraining order occurs. If a violation has occurred, call the police before calling your legal counsel.

What Happens at a Restraining Order Hearing?

The hearing is held before a judge in an open courtroom, where people may be. The person seeking the restraining order must have burden of proof. This means that they must convince the judge that they are in fear of abuse, or prove abuse or harm has occurred. This can be done with photos, physical evidence, or witnesses. A judge will listen to the testimony and choose to issue or not issue a restraining order.


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