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Premises liability lawsuit filed against mall for stabbing

Public property owners in Essex County have a responsibility to provide for the safety of their guests and customers. Part of this responsibility is to address a dangerous property condition immediately, such as a damaged floor or broken light. It is also important to have security on hand to protect guests and visitors from being harmed by another person, especially in a shopping mall or any place that attracts a lot of people. When a property owner fails to protect the public using their facility, the company or person who owns the property may be brought to account in a courtroom.

A premises liability lawsuit has been filed, seeking compensation for medical costs and other damages in the wake of a double stabbing at a mall. The mall’s website emphasizes public safety but the lawsuit accuses the owner and the security company of being negligent in providing sufficient security. The stabbing victims were children who were attacked by an unknown male without any apparent motive.

The children, a 13-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, survived but received multiple wounds. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the girl, joins the one filed by the boy’s family, who is facing over $300,000 in medical bills for his care.

If the parents of the children are able to show that the mall failed to provide adequate security, then the owner and security company could be ordered to pay for the costs associated with the children’s care. When someone is hurt on public property because of a negligent property owner, it may be in the victim’s best interests to meet with an attorney.

Source: RedondoBeachPatch, “2nd Lawsuit Filed in Galleria Stabbing,” April 9, 2013


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