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Man seriously injures leg in motorcycle accident in Chicopee

Local motorcyclists are probably already well aware that for all of the exhilaration that comes with riding one’s bike in and around Essex, the constant sense of caution that one must maintain while on the road can be quite taxing. Yet such diligence is necessary due to the lack of protection that such bikes provide in the event of an accident.

Accident prevention, however, is not a responsibility that rests solely on motorcyclists. Motorists are also expected to be mindful of motorcyclists on the road around them. Unfortunately, the protection that their vehicles are designed to provide for them may cause drivers to momentarily drop their guard while behind the wheel. Sadly, a momentary lack of focus by a distracted driver can result in life-altering (or, in some cases, life-ending) consequences for a motorcyclist.

A local motorcyclist is fortunate to not have lost his own life after a recent collision with a car at an intersection in Chicopee. The man did, however, suffer a serious leg fracture. The condition of the driver of the car was not reported. Accident investigators are currently trying to determine what may have caused the collision.

While a broken leg is certainly preferable to losing his life, the man who sustained this injury is still left to deal with some potentially serious consequences. There are the medical expenses associated with his injury, as well as the potential of having to miss work in order to fully recover. For him and others suffering in the wake of a motorcycle accident, the compensation that comes from a lawsuit may be the only way they have to endure such struggles. Those looking to pursue such action may first wish to consult with an attorney.

Source: abc40 “Chicopee Police Investigating Serious Motorcycle Accident” July 08, 2014


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