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Looking at the limitations of workers’ compensation coverage

Every year, we here at the offices of Finbury and Sullivan see countless clients who’ve been injured in work-related accidents in Essex County. They, like many people, often assume that all of their expenses will be paid by workers’ compensation insurance, no matter the circumstances of their accidents. Yet they, again like many others, are often disappointed to discover that there are indeed limitations to this coverage. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at which accident expenses may or may not fall under workers’ compensation.

Most are shocked to learn just how much is paid in workers’ compensation benefits. The Office or Workers’ Compensation Programs reports that in this current year, over $73.7 million has already been paid for workers’ compensation claims. These funds are meant to cover those expenses directly related to returning an injured employee to being able to either return to work or at least support him or herself. Such expenses include:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Disability payments
  • Career retraining (if needed)

Typically, 100 percent of all hospital and medical expenses as well those related to rehabilitation are covered. Disability payments are designed to compensate for up to 2/3 of one’s normal monthly income.

Any accident expenses that fall outside of the aforementioned categories, such as the replacement of business equipment or damage to an automobile, are not covered. In some cases, employees may have contracts in place with their employers regulating reimbursement for these losses. However, absent such an agreement, these expenses are left to be covered by one’s own auto or property insurance.

For more information on the extent of coverage following a work accident, visit our Workers’ Compensation page.


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