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Injured employee has right to file for workers’ compensation

There are many jobs that come with a high risk of being injured, including the construction and maintenance industries. Depending on what an employee is tasked with, he or she can be injured at work from falls, burns, debris, chemicals, contagions or even seemingly harmless office equipment. Employers in Massachusetts have a duty to keep their work sites safe and to ensure those working for them are educated on safety procedures. Despite such measures, workplace accidents still occur frequently throughout the U.S.

Recently, a Comcast employee who was working on cable wiring in Somerville received serious head injuries from a fall. According to authorities, the man fell two stories off of a ladder and hit his head on a retaining wall, requiring hospitalization. Serious head injuries typically take a long time to recover from, and in some cases may cause permanent disability. During his recovery, the man and his family would be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim to help with their expenses while he is out of work.

Some serious injuries can prompt an OSHA investigation to make sure that employers are meeting health and safety standards. In this case, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration sent officials to the accident scene to investigate what caused the man’s fall. An OSHA investigation may help a person with a workers’ compensation claim, if the results proved that the accident occurred because of an unsafe work condition. This can also benefit employees by protecting them from future accidents if OSHA determines the company was at fault and requires it to meet safety standards.

Source: Boston Globe, “Comcast employee injured in 2-story fall in Somerville,” Trisha Thadani, Sept. 10, 2014


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