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Family sues Six Flags for woman’s death

Many people who attend amusement parks in Massachusetts probably do not give the safety of the rides and attractions a second thought. Most are satisfied in the thought that the park is concerned for the safety of its patrons and has done everything it can to provide for their safety. However, this is not always the case.

One family knows this all too well after their loved one died while riding a 14-story roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. The accident occurred in July while a 52-year-old woman was riding the coaster with her daughter and son-in-law. Her daughter, who was seated ahead of her, reported that she heard her mother screaming for help. When she looked back she saw her feet in the air. She looked away to alert her husband and by the time she looked back again her mother was gone. The woman had fell to the ground from a height of 75 feet.

The family claims that the restraint bar on the ride malfunctioned and are suing the amusement park for at least $1 million. They say that the park replaced a switch that indicates when the safety bar is properly in place because it was defective at the time of the accident. The amusement park stated that there was not a mechanical malfunction.

This family did the right thing by hiring a lawyer to file a premises liability lawsuit and fight for their right to compensation. After all, it is the park’s responsibility to ensure that its guests are properly restrained and safe on its rides.

Source: Good Morning America, “Family Sues Six Flags After Woman’s Fall From 14-Story High Roller Coaster,” Ryan Owens, Sep 12, 2013


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