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Employee killed after apron catches in conveyor belt

Employers in Essex County, Massachusetts have a duty to their employees to ensure that they are adequately protected from any physical harm in the workplace. This is a right set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. As a result of this act, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed in order to enforce workplace safety and health standards.

OSHA was recently called in to inspect a facility in Malden after the death of an employee. The facility was cited for equipment violations that were serious and fined $20,790. These violations included an insufficient amount of buttons to stop a conveyer line and failure to properly guard the rotating parts of a conveyor belt. OSHA determined that the employee’s death could have been prevented if these unsafe working conditions were not present.

These citations came after the employee’s apron was caught in a conveyor belt at the Piantedosi Baking Company in August. The 61-year-old woman suffered injuries that led to her death. She had worked for the company for 17 years, and was reportedly a good employee.

The baking company has not taken responsibility for the woman’s death; instead they say that since there was no one who witnessed the accident, they can’t say for sure what happened.

The family of the woman killed in this accident may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about filing a lawsuit against the company. Doing so may enable them to receive compensation for their loved one’s pain and suffering and funeral expenses.

Source: Wicked Local, “Malden bakery hit with fines after fatality,” Nathan Lamb, Nov. 5, 2013


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