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Dump truck crash kills bicyclist in Wrentham

It’s common to see large trucks on highways across Massachusetts, but people may not realize there is also a danger of being harmed in a truck accident on city or country roads. One of the most common types of trucks to encounter on a residential street, increasing the potential for serious injuries, are dump trucks.

In late September, a 48-year-old man was struck and killed by a dump truck while riding his bicycle in Wrentham. The truck accident occurred in a rural area, where the two-lane road was very narrow with a speed limit of only 15 miles per hour. It was unknown whether speeding was a factor in the crash, but authorities believe that the late afternoon glare from the sun could have been a contributing cause. Creating an additional dangerous scene was the fact that the dump truck severed a utility pole in the crash, and electrical wires were reportedly almost touching the ground in some places.

It can be difficult for anyone to spot bicyclists, pedestrians and nearby traffic when the sun is glaring or when the weather or nighttime create a driving hazard. This is why it’s crucial for all drivers, and not just truck drivers, to adjust their speed and drive with caution when outside factors make visibility difficult. However, truck crashes have a tendency to cause even more devastating harm because of the size and speed of these vehicles. People who have been injured by a negligent truck driver have the right to contact an attorney to discuss their options.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, “Wrentham bicyclist dies after being hit by dump truck,” Stu Skerker, Sept. 27, 2014


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