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Chain reaction crash results in serious injuries

In a rear-end automobile collision, accident fault typically falls on the driver of the vehicle behind the car that was hit. Determining liability can be much more difficult in cases involving multiple vehicles, however. One car may be struck from behind by another, thus forcing it to collide with the vehicle in front, and so on. It is for that reason that it is often necessary for Massachusetts law enforcement agencies to investigate chain reaction collisions in order to determine who, if anyone is at fault.

A recent multivehicle collision that occurred on the I-93 was being investigated by Massachusetts State Police, as a string of rear-end collisions resulted in two people sustaining serious injuries. The incident occurred late in the morning on a Friday and involved four vehicles, including a van, car, pickup truck and tractor trailer unit.

The car was reportedly smashed between the other three vehicles in the collision. A woman and one-year-old child were inside the car at the time. Exact details about the nature and severity of the two victims’ injuries were not provided, but the woman was airlifted to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. The one-year-old boy was transported by ambulance to an area hospital before being transferred to another facility. They both were characterized as having injuries that were serious but not life-threatening. It was not stated whether any of the other people involved in the accident sustained injuries. There was also no word on whether authorities would pursue criminal charges in the collision.

Source: NECN, “Adult, 1-Year-Old Seriously Injured In I-93 Crash,” Tim Jones, June 19, 2015


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