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8-vehicle crash in Newton involves jack-knifed semi

Semis are a common sight around Essex County and when one causes a collision, there can be thousands of dollars of property damage and injuries. This should not be surprising, given the speed at which they travel and their size. When a truck accident takes place, it is important for law enforcement to do a full investigation to determine whether the driver was tired, distracted, or even under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol.

An investigation is undoubtedly underway in a multi-vehicle accident involving a semi that ended up jack-knifed on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Injuries are reported minor and it is unknown at this time what caused the truck accident. A total of eight cars were involved in the collision.

A car accident collision generally includes law enforcement interviewing witnesses and victims in the crash, collecting any evidence found at the scene, looking for evidence that can help them piece together the events and checking the vehicles, including the truck, for any defective auto parts that may have played a factor.

If it is determined that the crash was caused by an inattentive truck driver, then those injured would have the option of filing civil actions against the driver and the trucking company that owns the semi. Since trucking companies usually have their own legal counsel, victims may want to strongly think about getting their own legal representation. An experienced attorney can examine the evidence collected during the investigation, assemble the evidence in a way that tells the victim’s story and prepare the victim for the complexities associated with civil litigation.

Source: CBS Boston, “Mass. Pike Tractor-Trailer Crash Backs Up Traffic For Miles,” Jun. 5, 2013


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