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5-car Peabody crash leaves 2 injured

On Friday afternoon, Massachusetts state police were notified of a vehicle that was stalled on Route 128 in Peabody and obstructing a lane of the road. While responding to that call, police received another call about a serious car accident in the same area.

According to the Salem News, the crash involved five cars and took place around where Route 95 and Route 128 split. One vehicle rolled due to the crash. Unfortunately, two drivers were injured in the multicar collision that backed up northbound traffic for close to an hour. They are expected to recover.

Troopers did not give any details immediately after the crash about what caused the accident or whether the stalled vehicle was somehow involved. The only information readily available was that no arrests had yet been made.

A five-car accident is nothing to laugh about, and often large collisions like this one are prompted by something in particular — whether it be bad weather or driver error. As those involved await the details of the incident, they may want to pay close attention to what police rule to be the cause.

People who are injured in car accidents cause by other drivers often have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Dealing with injuries after a car accident is often expensive and time-consuming. Some people are even left unable to work for some time. A successful personal injury claim can help an accident victim obtain compensation to help cover these costs. Speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney is a good first step if you are considering legal action after a car accident.

Source: The Salem News, “2 hospitalized after 5-car crash on Route 128 in Peabody,” Neil H. Dempsey, Feb. 2, 2013


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