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35 injured in 65-car-pileup in Massachusetts

As winter descends on Essex County, Massachusetts, it is important to remember that snow and cold temperatures can lead to unsafe driving conditions. It is wise to slow down and be mindful of roads that may be icy. Because many drivers need to be reminded of how their vehicles handle differently on snow and ice, accidents can be particularly bad at the start of the winter season.

A very large collision occurred recently in Worcester, Massachusetts. A total of 35 people were injured; at least two of them received serious injuries. The car accident occurred on the morning of December 1 shortly before 7 a.m. on Route 290. Authorities believe icy conditions led the 65 vehicles, including two six-wheel trucks and two trailer trucks, to become involved in the collision.

A police officer who was in the area and who was driving to assist at another crash tried to warn other motorists of the crash ahead, but she was rear-ended. Because of the slippery conditions, rescue teams took longer than normal to get to the scene. Apparently the road had not been salted enough before the accident took place.

The 65-car-pileup stretched across 1,500 feet of Route 290. In addition to the 35 people who were treated for injuries, another 60 people had to be loaded on buses and taken away from the scene.

Because this may be a complicated mess to try to sort out, those involved in this accident would be well advised to speak with an accident attorney about their right to compensation for their injuries, medical expenses and damages done to their vehicles.

Source: NBC News, “Icy roads cause 65-vehicle crash in Massachusetts,” Dec. 2, 2013


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