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3 people injured after car hits fast food place, driver flees

It is important for people who are behind the wheel of a car to eliminate any distractions such as texting and driving, eating, reading maps, and putting on makeup. A negligent driver is a danger to everyone around him or her because that person increases the risk of getting into an accident and injuring or killing someone. Every year, thousands of people are injured in a car accident that involves a distracted or drunk driver.

Distraction or alcohol is likely being looked at as a possible factor in a car accident that recently happened in Boston. Apparently a man crashed an SUV into a fast food restaurant and then fled the scene. Law enforcement is still searching for the man and no reason has been given for the accident.

Three people were injured in the restaurant, as a result of the collision, and were transported to a nearby hospital for medical care. The victims’ conditions are unknown but the injuries were considered non-life threatening. Even injuries that are non-fatal can be serious, however, and these people may be hospitalized for some time, especially because they are all over the age of 65.

Since the car is owned by a possible business, these victims may have the ability to file a lawsuit against the owner for the medical costs and other damages they incurred. A company is considered responsible for the actions of their drivers, although in this case it is unknown whether the driver was an employee or a friend who simply borrowed the vehicle. Anyone injured by the negligence of another may want to meet with an attorney to discuss their case.

Source: CBS Boston, “Driver Runs Away After SUV Crashes Into East Boston Burger King,” July 3, 2013


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