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Route 24 in Massachusetts site of deadly crashes

Driver charged in crash that killed bicyclist

With more and more bicyclists enjoying the streets of Massachusetts, it is necessary for motorists to be aware of the unique traffic laws that come into play when a bicyclist is around. For instance, if you are driving an automobile and pass a bicyclist that is riding...

2 employees burned in fryer accident

Workers in Massachusetts have the right to go to work without fearing for their safety. To this end, employers have the responsibility of ensuring that the workplace is free from potential safety hazards and that the chance of accidents occurring are minimized as much...

Motorcyclist seriously injured in crash

With spring officially here in Massachusetts, the number of motorcyclists is bound to increase on our roadways. As the weather warms up, more and more people choose to commute to work on their motorcycles or get out and enjoy a leisurely ride. It is important for...


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