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New Jersey Groups Join Forces To Combat Concussions

New Jersey Groups Join Forces To Combat Concussions

With both football season and the Super Bowl in the recent past, some people experience contact sports in a way that leaves a dangerous, lasting impression. According to the Sacramento Bee, the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey and the Partners for Health Foundation...

Worker dies after falling from roof

When someone is working on a roof in Essex County, Massachusetts, there is always the risk of falling. Because serious injuries and even death can occur from a fall, it is a good idea for the worker to be equipped with personal safety devices that can catch the person...

35 injured in 65-car-pileup in Massachusetts

As winter descends on Essex County, Massachusetts, it is important to remember that snow and cold temperatures can lead to unsafe driving conditions. It is wise to slow down and be mindful of roads that may be icy. Because many drivers need to be reminded of how their...


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